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PlaceIstanbul Modern, Istanbul

EventIstanbul Design Biennial 2012

Date13 October-12 December, 2012

Production&SoftwarePlato Media Lab (Zeynep Nal)

HardwarePlato Media Lab (Bugra Fatih Gunes, Dogukan Aksoy)

ConceptHerkes Icin Mimarlik Society

Istanbul Design Biennial 2012

Word - The Tweet Faxer

At this year’s Design Biennial, ’Herkes Icin Mimarlik Society’ exhibits an art work called as ’Word’. In their installation, which projects a parallel universe where the habitants of Istanbul have right to speak about their city and urban transformation projects, there is also a fax machine which prints out the tweets of the visitors about Taksim project, which they can mention with #taksimsenin hashtag.

This fax machine is produced by Plato Media Lab, where software and automation is realized by Zeynep Nal. Software of the installation is programmed in Processing language, and uses twitter api. Software watches out in twitter for the predefined hashtag continuously, and when detects the keyword, collects all user data and the message. Then arranges the collected data in a text file, finally sends this file to the fax machine.